Red Baraat @ The Bowery Ballroom

Great band, great venue, an all round great night out in NYC

Joe's New York

This is pretty awesome to hear,” a member of the crowd shouts to me at the bar during one number, “this is a ceremonial good luck blessing, growing up in an Indian family you hear this all the time. To hear it played like this is incredible.”

 The fast, energetic rhythms of the dhol drum and the deep bass and lively melodies of the brass section keep the sold out and distinctly multi-ethnic Bowery Ballroom crowd electrified. For the group, Red Baraat from Brooklyn, this is a rare home city gig in a world wide musical journey.

 Described as ‘funk dhol n’ brass’, Red Baraat are a band made of three percussionists and a five piece horn section. They are a fusion of traditional north Indian, jazz, funk and Latin sounds. A cross-cultural flavour born in one of the world’s greatest melting pots. As far as a…

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