Top 5 New York Skyline Viewpoints

5 great ways to see the New York Skyline

Joe's New York

There’s little more to dazzle a visitor to New York and get the cameras snapping than to take in the magnificent, and ever evolving skyline. And guess what? Nobody is going to charge you to look at it. Yet. At most you may have to pay some transportation costs.

Here are my five best ways to soak up the skyline:

  1. The best way to get downtown views is to walk across the bridges. Either do a straight walk across the Brooklyn bridge or, a round walk starting at either the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridge, then take a stroll down into the cobble streets of Dumbo and the Brooklyn Bridge Park before walking back to Manhattan across the other bridge. Both have fantastic views of the city, the Statue of Liberty and each other. If you only pick one though, the Brooklyn Bridge is a must.

    While on the Brooklyn side…

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