5 TV Shows to Look Forward to

Now that Game of Thrones has returned and we’ve had time to digest True Detective, I thought I’d take a look at  a few TV shows worth looking forward to this year –

1. Fargo 

Now if you put a gun to my head and told me to name my top five films of all time, I’m pretty sure that Fargo would be one of them. So when I heard that the Cohen brothers 1996 crime comedy classic was being adapted to TV, I had a slight sense of trepidation. Some things should be left sacred. However, with actors like Billy Bob Thornton and Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk on board, not to mention the seal of approval from the Cohens themselves, I’m willing to give this a go. Hopefully it’s not shit.


Fargo starts in the UK on Channel 4, 9pm, April 20th


2. Leftovers

Just like Tywin Lannister on the crapper – HBO reliably deliver gold. With that in mind, why not look forward to this? A post-rapture world where 2% of the human population vanishes, leaving behind the flawed to wonder what the fuck happened. It’s the apocalypse. But not as we know it. Produced by Damon Lindelhof, one of the men who brought us the epic waste of time we all remember as Lost. It should be interesting at least.

Leftovers starts on HBO in the US, June 15th, UK TV tbc

3. The Returned

Re-animated corpses French style – sexy, brooding, intellectual, smoking a lot of tabs and always expecting a quality feed. That’s what Canal+’s The Returned had viewers intrigued with last summer, after beating the endless stream of Scandinavian dramas to the title of Britain’s favourite subtitle-fest. What can we expect now for the patrons of Lake Pub? Your guess is as good as mine. However I suspect we’re in for a few more scenes of hot French people, getting it on with hot French zombies, to the superb tunes of arty French film’s go-to Glaswegians Mogwai. And why not.


The Returned returns to Channel 4, late 2014, date tbc

4. Utopia

Last year Channel 4 seemed to finally bring some quality drama to British TV with its gripping, dark, intriguing and often disturbing show Utopia. Telling the story of a terrifying conspiracy theory hidden in a graphic novel, and the plight of the unlikely group of characters that uncover it, Utopia looked and felt like an exciting breakthrough in British drama. More please. Season 2 has been promised for this year, although as yet Channel 4 have given no indication of exactly when. There is however a DVD release date set for July 7th. So presumably before that?

Utopia coming soon on Channel 4

5. Sons of Anarchy

Not since Queer as Folk have we seen quite so much man-love on our screens as we get with Charlie Hunnam’s back slapping, brother loving leader of the murdering-their-way-legit biker gang, the Son’s of Anarchy. September sees the final instalment of SOA reach our TV (laptop) screens. What fate befalls the conscience troubled scruffbags of SAMCRO, who just can’t do right for doing so very wrong? SOA is a guilty pleasure. You know it’s shit, but you love it.


Sons of Anarchy comes to Netflix in September