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Transient Flip-Floppery – A short tale of appropriate footwear

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My recent trip back to Thailand for First Choice jogged my memory way back, to my first week on the island of Koh Chang…


Where the hell have my flip-flops gone? I wonder as I look across the ocean of footwear they’ve sunk into. It seems I’m not the only person at the bar tonight that’s bought a cheap pair in Bangkok. At least another fifty people here have had the same idea, and all these flip-flops look vaguely similar. Oh dear. In many places in Thailand it’s customary to leave your footwear at the door, so when I arrived at the beach bar that’s exactly what I did. Only that was earlier, when it was empty. Now it’s full.

After trying a few pairs that look like mine, only to find myself in the uncomfortable and unpleasant shape of someone else’s feet, I give up, and walk barefoot through…

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