Podcast: Lecker

I was honoured and delighted to be the guest of the latest episode of brilliant food podcast, Lecker. Tune in and have a listen as I discuss cooking on a boat on the Thames, lapsed vegetarianism, Sunday roasts and honouring a lost friend in the kitchen.

Thanks so much to Lucy Dearlove for asking me to take part in her podcast, and for doing such an incredible job of coherently organising my ramblings into such a seamless narrative.


Spark London Podcast

I’ve been going to a few of the excellent Spark London open mic true story telling nights which are held twice a month in Brixton and Hackney. The good people of Spark were kind enough to feature one of the stories I told at their Brixton event in May on their podcast. The theme of the evening was surprises and I’m the 3rd story teller in the episode (the 2nd Joe) although I recommend listening the other two cracking stories as well. Follow the link and have a listen – http://stories.co.uk/podcast/