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I was recently a guest on the Dave Pickering‘s podcast, Getting Better Acquainted. Dave and I discussed many things including story telling, dyslexia, tough times at school, depression and writing. Have a listen to the GBA Podcast.

Great treks around the world: readers’ travel tips | Travel | The Guardian

My contribution (10th down) to this piece on the Guardian, the trek is actually called the Quilcayhuanca to Cojup trek (aka Jo’s Trek) and is in the Cordillera Blanca : Great treks around the world: readers’ travel tips | Travel | The Guardian.

I used to play in a band / love and loss

Another great tribute to my dear friend Jim Disney. Download the music and give a bit to charity.

peter wyeth

I used to be in a band. Last month the drummer of that band, a Mr James Disney, died. He was only 40. Together we enjoyed those special moments of intensity that come from playing music you only understand if you’re in a band playing music. We did a record which everyone who was involved with still feels very proud of to this day. As a tribute to him, we’ve made the record available to download for free on Bandcamp with the wish that the £5 you’d normally pay you give to charity instead.


The Jim Disney_NEW

The Jim Disney.
Jim ‘Jimothy’ Disney.
Jim ‘Binman-come-Wino’ Disney.
Jim ‘If I was related to Walt Disney, do you think I’d be sitting in your shithole of a studio’ Disney.
Jim ‘ We’d pissed off the top of the Holiday Inn car park as a sign of youthful defiance’ Disney.

Sweaty hugs in the back…

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It Always Starts With an Elevator

Joe's New York

There must come a time in every New York Brit’s life, when they realize that they’re English has gone, well, weird. For me, I fear that time may have come.

It started off innocently enough; elevator, that was my gateway word. But If I said lift, then I’d have got, “Whatcha gonna lift?” The next thing I knew I was calling the pavement sidewalk and I didn’t even think about it.

Last week I said soccer to somebody when referring to my beloved sport. To say the least I felt uncomfortable and I visibly winced.

“That hurt a little didn’t it? ” said the person in question.

“A part of me just died inside,” was my reply, “I hope you appreciate what I just did there.”

The problem is, I’m in another country and I need to be understood. It isn’t my fault that this particular country speaks a weird…

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