The Man Who Named Florida – Enterprise Magazine

“Ponce De Leon is a name that crops up across the map of America, a Conquistador who originally sailed with Colombus, you can still walk or sail in the footsteps of the Spaniard who went in search of the  Fountain of Eternal Youth…” carry on reading on Enterprise Open Road.

7 of the World’s Most Unique Bars – Enterprise Magazine

“Why go to your local when you could seek out the distant and different?” Read my latest piece on Enterprise Open Road

Top 10: Sights In South America – Enterprise Magazine

South America is a destination like no other.

A vast continent of wonders from the unspoiled colonial architecture and spectacular pre-Colombian ruins to rainforests, deserts and the longest mountain range in the world.

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Enterprise Magazine | Ceviche: An Introduction – Enterprise Magazine

If you haven’t tried ceviche then it’s about time you did. Read all about it here: Enterprise Magazine | Ceviche: An Introduction – Enterprise Magazine.

Enterprise Magazine | Coasting Along The Atlantic Highway – Enterprise Magazine

My feature about driving the glorious north Cornwall coast for Enterprise Magazine. Follow the link – Enterprise Magazine | Coasting Along The Atlantic Highway – Enterprise Magazine.