Photoblog: Autumn Leaves

Autumn comes as a shock sometimes. One week it’s summer, the next it’s gone. The air turns a certain kind of cold that carries upon it a feeling of change and a natural sense of foreboding. Leaves begin to wither from their branches and litter the floor, a familiar rustling sound accompanies the whisper of the wind.

But each season carries with it a certain beauty, and autumn is no exception. Its beauty is unique, a wild contrast to spring, where the warmth of sunlight washes over the world again and colours explode with the vibrancy of flower and blossom.

It’s decay, but a necessary one as greens turn to deep reds and subtle browns that bring with them a reassuring comfort that the cycle of nature is constant, that seasons come and go, bad weather turns to good, and after storms come calm.

Autumn is a time for reflection, to look forward and embrace the constant change. So wrap up warm and go outside. Take a moment and enjoy the autumn palette.