5 Major Problems With Skyfall

I’ve now seen Skyfall twice and I still have these niggling issues:

  1. Radios don’t work underground. Simple.
  2. Why does theĀ gamekeeperĀ call the gun he gives Bond a hunting rifle when it’s clearly a shotgun. Makes no sense.
  3. Why does Bond go all the way to the tree in the field to practice his shooting then only fire twice AND in the direction of the house. Surely he knows how dangerous that is?
  4. The idea that Bond doesn’t know the name of his female agent colleague until the end of the film is, quite frankly, absurd.
  5. Why did they have to wheel out the old Aston? It was all going OK until that moment. Apart from the radio working on the Tube that is. As soon as Bond and M get in the old Aston Martin and drive up to Scotland while making ejector seat puns, the whole thing turned into some kind of Bond Christmas special. Nonsense.