Taking Acid At Glastonbury, 1992 » Sabotage Times

Taking Acid At Glastonbury, 1992 » Sabotage Times.


I used to play in a band / love and loss

Another great tribute to my dear friend Jim Disney. Download the music and give a bit to charity.

peter wyeth

I used to be in a band. Last month the drummer of that band, a Mr James Disney, died. He was only 40. Together we enjoyed those special moments of intensity that come from playing music you only understand if you’re in a band playing music. We did a record which everyone who was involved with still feels very proud of to this day. As a tribute to him, we’ve made the record available to download for free on Bandcamp with the wish that the £5 you’d normally pay you give to charity instead.


The Jim Disney_NEW

The Jim Disney.
Jim ‘Jimothy’ Disney.
Jim ‘Binman-come-Wino’ Disney.
Jim ‘If I was related to Walt Disney, do you think I’d be sitting in your shithole of a studio’ Disney.
Jim ‘ We’d pissed off the top of the Holiday Inn car park as a sign of youthful defiance’ Disney.

Sweaty hugs in the back…

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